US Army M-65 Field Jacket Liner

The Camouflage Military M65 Combat Jacket (also abbreviated as M-65) is a straight front, cold weather, field coat made of water-repellent fabrics. Initially designed for the United States military under the MIL-C-43455 standard, it is now often worn by civilians as an ordinary item of clothing.




Fabric style


Fabric weight









Product Details:

The Style Details

  • Designed to be worn as a base layer to the M-65 Field Jackets, M-65 Field Jacket Liner can also be worn as a stand-alone jacket.Military Jacket Liner Fits Inside M-65 Field Jackets
    Quilted Nylon Outer Provides Comfort And Warmth To Classic US Military Field Jackets
    Liner Features Polyester Filling For Added Warmth
    Buttons Into All U.S Type Field Jackets
    Jacket Liner Can Also Be Worn On Its Own

Product Introduction

The jacket was introduced into U.S. military service in 1965 to replace the M-1951 field jacket which was an improvement on the M-1943 field jacket of World War II design. It has a built-in hood that can be rolled up and fits into a pouch on the back and also has velcro fasteners on the sleeve cuffs and collar. It is the perfect choice for protection, warmth and functionality in various inclement weather conditions. The M-1965 field jacket can also be combined with a button-in insulated lining for cold-weather wear.


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