Tactical Half-Finger Gloves

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Tactical Gloves


Synthetic Leather, PVC, Nylon & Microfiber






Product Details:

Suit for Those Palm Circumference:

M: 18-19 CM(7-7.48 INCH)

L: 20-21CM(7.8-8.2 INCH)

XL: 22-23CM(8.6-9 INCH)

Package: 1 Pair of Glove

Material: Synthetic Leather, PVC, Nylon & Microfiber

Color: Black, Army Green, Khaki

  • Protective pad: This protective pad is made of a strong plastic shell, is thickened, and has good flexibility, which strengthens the protection of opponents during sports.
  • Shock absorption pad: 3mm thick pad is used on the palm, which effectively relieves pressure, upgrades abrasion resistance, and reduces palm injuries during exercise.
  • Pasteable wristband: This adhesive design can adjust the wristband, which can easily adjust the tightness of the wrist, which is more firm and concise.
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric: This flexible nylon fabric is preferred, which is breathable and moisture-absorbing, wicking away perspiration, and is more comfortable to wear.
  • Hook pull ring: A hook pull ring is added to the wrist, which is convenient and practical.


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