Venezuela Military Army Uniform

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Venezuela BDU uniform Use

Venezuela BDU uniform
Venezuela BDU uniform


Venezuela’s official name is República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

The Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (FANB) is the Venezuelan armed forces, consisting of the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and National Militia.

The Uniform Style

The Venezuela military army uniform has changed over time and reflects the country’s military traditions and evolving fashion trends. Throughout its history, the Venezuelan military has utilized a variety of uniform styles, ranging from traditional green and khaki-colored attire to more modern, digital camouflage designs.

In recent decades, the Venezuelan military has often worn a uniform consisting of a green shirt and pants, with rank insignia displayed on the collar and sleeves. Headcoverings such as berets and caps have also been a part of the uniform, and many service members wear webbed belts and holsters for carrying equipment.

It is important to note that the uniform style and design may have changed over time and may vary between different branches of the Venezuelan military, as well as between active duty personnel and reservists.

Most Venezuela soldiers use BDU(Battle Dress UniformWiki) uniform but with their own logos FANB(Fuerza Armada Nacional BolivarianaWiki). For the air force use a green coverall with LOGO FANB.



In 1994, the Armed Forces abandoned their old camouflage patterns in favor of locally produced copies of the American m81 Woodland design. This remained the standard combat mode until a political decision was made in 2005 to completely remove camouflage from most FANB units and go with solid olive green combat uniforms. Only selected elite units will continue to use camouflage, including the 42nd Airborne Brigade “Aragua” and the Marine Corps.

Venezuela BDU uniform Woodland
Venezuela BDU uniform Woodland

In early 2018, some units of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) began wearing uniforms with Kryptel Night motifs.

Bonnie Hat Typon

Of course, the most used is the pure color olive green

FANB uses a color palette similar to the standard woodland pattern, a modern camouflage design that first appeared in late 2020. The design appears to be a blend of organic shapes of black, brown and leaf green on a light green background, possibly influenced by some shapes in Multicam. The design apparently replaces the solid-color combat uniforms previously issued to conventional troops

Venezuela Pattern Olive Green
Venezuela Pattern Olive Green


Venezuela BDU uniform Use
Venezuela BDU uniform Use

Composition: Polyester between 60 – 70% Cotton between 40 – 30%.

Color: Green similar to Pantone 19-0419 TC.

Mass per Area: 230 Grs / M2 + 5%

Fabric: Flat

Yarn Title: Warp: 36/2, Weft 16/1.

Ligament. 1×1 Ripstop.

Color Fastness to Washing: Minimum 3 – 4

Light fastness: Minimum 3 – 4

Tensile Strength:

Warp: 700 N ( Newton)

Weft: 450 N (Newton)

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