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How much BDU uniform?

If you want to buy an BDU uniform, how much you need to pay?

The cost of a Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) can vary depending on several factors, including the vendor, the location of the purchase, and any customization options requested. On average, a BDU uniform set, which includes a shirt and pants, can cost anywhere from $30 to $60. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and prices may vary.

The cost of BDU uniform is around $10.5-11.5 per set.

History of ACU Uniform(from Wikipedia)

First issued in limited number to garrison leaders, officers, and generals to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces in September 1981 for replacement of the long worn and aging Olive Drab colored uniforms or OG-107, the following month, the Battle Dress Uniform began field issue military-wide.

Since 1981, changes included the addition and subsequent elimination of buttoned waist adjustment tabs, the size reduction of the collar, and refinements in stitching and fit.

BDUs were initially only issued in a 50/50 nylon and cotton twill blend called the Temperate Weather BDU or TWBDU. Complaints regarding the heat retention of these uniforms, especially following the invasion of Grenada in 1983, led to the introduction of the Hot Weather BDU, the HWBDU. The Hot Weather BDU coat and trousers were constructed of 100 percent ripstop cotton, in a four-color woodland camouflage pattern. However, after complaints of shorter wear and frayed cuffs, along with requirements imposed by unit commanders to starch the all-cotton uniform for parade, the Enhanced Hot Weather BDU (EHWBDU) replaced the HWBDU commencing in 1996. The EHWBDU’s components are made with a 50/50 ripstop nylon and cotton poplin blend.

BDUs were printed with infrared-brightened dyes. Near-infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology is used in the uniforms to help prevent detection by NIR Image Converters. These photocathode devices do not detect temperatures, but rather infrared radiation variances. NIR-compliant uniforms use a special fabric that allows soldiers to appear at the same radiation level as the surrounding terrain, thus making them more difficult to detect. It is advised not to use starch when cleaning or ironing BDUs since starch weakens the fabric and ruins the infrared protective coating. A pair of BDUs that has been starched even once should not be worn in combat.

The tropical weight uniform was not as durable as the temperate weight uniform. The tropical uniform would only last for 4–6 months of use when rotating four uniforms for duty, while the temperate uniform would last over a year under the same conditions.

How many fabrics for one set BDU uniform?How many accessories for one set BDU uniform?

If you want to buy a BDU uniform, you might want to know its cost.

Generally speaking, the cost of clothing consists of several parts: Fabric, accessories, and worker costs.

One set of BDU uniform needs the following quantities of fabric and accessories.

Fabric: 3.80 Meters


Button: 36 PCS

Cotton rope: 1.94 Meters

The liner inside collar: 10*50 CM

Label: 4 PCS

Metal buckle: 2 PCS

Thread: 450 Meters/0.15 PCS

Package( bag,tape,carton):some

Worker cost:

How much ACU uniform? How do I know the ACU uniform cost?

Fabric 3.80 Meters $ 1.730$ 6.574
Button 36 PCS $ 0.007 $ 0.252
Cotton rope 1.94 Meters $ 0.031$ 0.060
Liner inside collar 10*50 CM $ 0.015 $ 0.150
Label 4 PCS $ 0.010$ 0.040
Metal buckle 2 PCS $ 0.018$ 0.036
Thread 0.15 PCS $ 0.615$ 0.092
Package $ 0.153
Material loss3%$ 0.221
Worker cost$ 3.582
Total $ 11.160

Users. Which countries are using BDU Uniform?

According to incomplete statistics, the following countries/regions are using the BDU style as the National army uniform.

Argentina Army

Armenia Army

Azerbaijan Army

Bahamas Army

Bangladesh Army

Benin Army

Bolivia Army

Cambodia Army

Chad Army

Chile Army

Colombia Army

Congo Army

Costa Rica Army

Croatia Army

Dominican Republic Army

Egypt Army

El Salvador Army

Estonia Army

Ethiopia Army

Fiji Army

Honduras Army

Iraq Army

Kosovo Army

Mexico Army

Netherlands Army

Peru Army

Philippines Army

Somalia Army

Thailand Army

Vietnam Army


1, I just see about 3.2-3.3meters fabric why do you say 3.8meters?

It does not depend on how much fabric is on the uniform, but on how much fabric is used to produce the suit. For bigger sizes(3XL,4XL,5XL)use more fabric.

2,  If we buy large quantities can the cost go down?

Yes sure. For large quantities, fabric and accessories purchase costs will go down, and better to control material and accessories loss, also negotiable worker costs.

3, Are the costs the same all the time?

No. Fabric price fluctuations and worker costs are the biggest factors.

Photos of accessories on BDU uniform

ACU botton
BDU button
BDU cotton rope
 Liner inside collar
Liner inside collar
BDU Metal  buckle
BDU Metal buckle
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