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How much ACU uniform?

If you want to buy an ACU uniform, how much you need to pay?

The cost of an Army Combat Uniform (ACU) can vary depending on several factors, including the vendor, the location of the purchase, and any customization options requested. On average, an ACU uniform set, which includes a coat and pants, can cost anywhere from $60 to $100. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and prices may vary.

But the production cost of ACU uniform is around $11.5-12.5 per set.

History of ACU Uniform(from Wikipedia)


In early 2004, some U.S. Army soldiers in Iraq were issued the “Close Combat Uniform”, a variant of the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) that featured new features such as shoulder pockets affixed with hook-and-loop “Velcro” fasteners, chest-worn rank insignia, and a new collar. The experimental features used on the CCU were eventually incorporated into the ACU, which was publicly announced in June 2004.

Initial fielding

The process of replacing the U.S. Army’s BDUs and DCUs with the ACU was set to begin in April 2005. However, the fielding process began two months earlier through the Rapid Fielding Initiative. Soldiers from the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team were the first in the U.S. Army to receive the ACU, subsequently deploying with them into Iraq in May 2005.

How many fabrics for one set ACU uniform?How many accessories for one set ACU uniform?

If you want to buy an ACU uniform, you might want to know its cost.

Generally speaking, the cost of clothing consists of several parts: Fabric, accessories, and worker costs.

One set ACU uniform needs the following quantities of fabric and accessories.

Fabric: 3.80 Meters


Hook-and-loop: 4.28 Meters

Button: 13 PCS

Elastic rope: 0.65 Meters

Cotton rope: 1.44 Meters

Plastic cord lock: 2 PCS

Zipper: 1PCS

Waist rope: 1 PCS

Labels: 4 PCS

Thread: 450 Meters/1.5 PCS

Package( bag,tape,carton):some

Worker cost:

How much ACU uniform? How do I know the ACU uniform cost?

Fabric3.80 M$ 1.730$ 6.574
Hook-and-loop4.28 M$ 0.060$ 0.256
Button13 PCS$ 0.007$ 0.076
Elastic rope0.65 M$ 0.038$ 0.025
Cotton rope1.44 M$ 0.031 $ 0.045
Plastic cord lock2 PCS$ 0.093 $ 0.186
Zipper1 PCS$ 0.153 $ 0.153
Waist rope1 PCS $ 0.038 $ 0.038
Label4 PCS$ 0.010 $ 0.040
Thread0.15 PCS$ 0.615 $ 0.092
( bag, tape, carton)
$ 0.153
Material loss3% $ 0.230
Worker cost $ 4.307
Total $ 12.175

Users. Which countries are using ACU Uniform?

According to incomplete statistics, the following countries/regions are using the ACU style as the National army uniform.

Azerbaijan Army: Used by the Azeri Ministry of Interio’s Kobra Special Group.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Army

Chad Army: UCP clones used by some Chadian commando units and by Chadian Gendarmerie anti-poaching units.

Chile Army

Cyprus Army: Used by Cypriot special forces.

Hungry Army: Used by Counter-Terrorism Center operators.

India Army: Used for urban operations only by MARCOS commandos and Paras.

Iran Army: UCP clones used by the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Marine Command and some Basiji special operations forces

Kazakhstan Army: Used by almost ann branches of Kazakh ground forces. Their Version of UCP is similar to UCP-D but with a light green inlay instead of a Brown one. Called “KazTcifra” it makes not just an interesting blend for the wearer but also actually manages to fit the terrain well.

Lebanon Army: Lebanese Marine Commandos use both local copies and surplus UCP ACU uniforms from U.S. Army.

Malaysia Army: Supplied and used by Special Task and Rescue unit

Montenegro Army: Used by the Montenegrin Special Anti-Terrorist Unit.

Moldova Army: Known to be used by operators of the Posebna Jedinica Policije.

Peru Army

Saudi Arabia Army: Used by Royal Saudi Air Force personnel, which has a darker color palette.

Serbia Army: Used by the Serbian Special Anti-Terrorist Unit only in operations inside cities/towns with UCP-patterns BDUs.

South Korea Army: Worn by KATUSA units

Ukraine Army: Used by regular Ukrainian Armed Forces(slightly different color palette), and some special units.


1, I just see about 3.2-3.3meters fabric why do you say 3.8meters?

It does not depend on how much fabric is on the uniform, but on how much fabric is used to produce the suit. For bigger sizes(3XL,4XL,5XL)use more fabric.

2,  If we buy large quantities can the cost go down?

Yes sure. For large quantities, fabric and accessories purchase costs will go down, and better to control material and accessories loss, also negotiable worker costs.

3, Are the costs the same all the time?

No. Fabric price fluctuations and worker costs are the biggest factors.

Photos of accessories on ACU uniform

ACU Hook-and-loop
ACU Hook-and-loop

ACU cotton rope
ACU cotton rope
ACU Cotton Rope
ACU Cotton Rope
ACU Plastic cord lock
ACU Plastic cord lock
ACU Zipper
ACU Zipper
ACU botton
ACU button
ACU Elastic rope
ACU Elastic rope
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